Lorenzo Zino

Assistant Research Scientist at DSL - NYU


Short bio. My name is Lorenzo Zino. I majored in Mathematical Modeling (Ingegneria Matematica) at Politecnico di Torino in 2014 and I received my PhD degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics from Università di Torino - Politecnico di Torino (joint program) in 2018. Currently, I am a PostDoc Assistant Research Scientist at the Dynamical System Laboratory of New York University Tandoon School of Engineering in Maurizio Porfiri's Research Group. Besides Prof. Porfiri, I am currently working with Fabio Fagnani, Giacomo Como, and Alessandro Rizzo, from Politecnico di Torino (DISMA and DET). My research interests include but are not limited to spreading processes in networks (epidemics, opinion, etc.), applied probability, network analysis, consensus and syncronization problems, and game theory. I am interested in the modeling, the analysis, and the control aspects of dynamics over networks.

To contact me write an e-mail to lorenzo.zino@unito.it or call +39 011 090 7552