Sandra Pieraccini

Publications by Sandra Pieraccini

For the full list of publications, please follow this link, which will point you to the Politecnico di Torino Publications Open Repository (PORTO):
Sandra Pieraccini's publications on Porto (Publications Open Repository TOrino)

Additional donwloadable papers

In addition to those published on the institutional repository, the following papers may be downloaded from this personal page, accomplishing to the Editorial Policies of the corresponding Journal:

  • Berrone S., Canuto C., Pieraccini S., Scialò S., Uncertainty quantification in Discrete Fracture Network models: stochastic fracture transmissivity. COMPUTERS & MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS (2015) vol. 70 issue 4, pp. 603-623, doi:10.1016/j.camwa.2015.05.013 Authors' copy (link to Published version)
  • Berrone S., Pieraccini S., Scialò S., Towards effective flow simulations in realistic Discrete Fracture Networks. JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS (2016) vol. 310, pp. 181-201, doi:10.1016/ Authors' copy (link to published version)
  • Berrone S., Benedetto M. F., Borio A., Pieraccini S., Scialò S., A hybrid mortar virtual element method for discrete fracture network simulations. JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS (2016) vol. 306, pp. 148-166, doi:10.1016/ Authors' copy (link to published version)