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CancerSim2008: Euroconference on Modelling and Simulation of Cancer Growth and Therapy

May 19–21, 2008

Place: Turin, Italy

Web page:

This is the conference of the Marie Curie Research Training Network.

Models of cancer and its therapeutic control: From molecules to the organism

March 11–14, 2008

Place: Rocquencourt, France

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A 4-day course intended for PhD candidates, postdocs, company engineers and scientists. It is not a workshop, even though fruitful discussions are expected between participants. Lecturers will deliver notes of their lectures, and every attendant will receive a CD with these lectures in pdf format.

Multiscape approaches in cell mechanics workshop

January 7–10, 2008

Place: Vercors, France

Web page:

Organizers: Arnaud Chauvière <e-mail>, Claude Verdier <e-mail>


  • January 7, Monday: Subcellular scale. Molecular and cytoskeleton dynamics
  • January 8, Tuesday: Cellular scale. Microrheology and cell motility
  • January 9, Wednesday: Macroscopic scale. Tissues and tumours
  • January 10, Thursday: Model motile systems and complex fluids

Marrakesh international conference and workshop on mathematical biology

January 3–8, 2008

Web page:

This conference follows a sequence of meetings (workshops on marine populations dynamics, urban dynamics, schools on delay differential equations, conferences on differential equations and applications) organized in Marrakesh during the last 15 years. During this conference, African researchers working in mathematical biology will meet in the first Assembly of the African Society of Mathematical Biology.

From Genetics to Mathematics Workshop

October 17–20, 2007

Organizers: Jacek Miekisz <e-mail>, Miroslaw Lachowicz <e-mail>.

Place: Zbaszyn (Poland), 75 km from Poznan and 100 km from Frankfurt (Oder)

The final workshop of the Polish Team of the network.

It is going to be a “low-budget” event and because of that we want to know the number of participants as soon as possible. Please let know about participation before the end of May 2007. Everybody is welcome.

3rd Summer School of the Network

August 27–31, 2007

University of Dundee, West Park Centre, Dundee, UK

A summer school on Cancer Modelling to be held at West Park Conference Centre, Dundee, UK from Monday the 27th until Friday the 31st of August, 2007.

Organisers: The Mathematical Biology Group at Dundee University, the Marie Curie Research Training Network.

2nd Summer School of the network

The school took place in Orthodox Academy of Crete, Kolymbari, Crete, in July 15-19, 2006,

Organizers: Benoit Perthame, Andreas Deutsch, Daphne Manoussaki, Miroslaw Lachowicz

1st Summer School and Scientific Workshop

The school took place in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife (Canary Islands), Spain, from September 5th to September 10th, 2005.

Forthcoming events

If you know about any forthcoming event related to biomathematics, please let us know, and we shall put an announcement on this page.


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