Geometry activities 2010-2011

The GeoPOLItical seminar takes place every other WEDNESDAY, 14.30 - 15.30, typically in aula Buzano.

The  Fiji seminar series (ΦG)  was meant to be a joint activity with the Supergravity group of the Physics Dept, held one afternoon every semester or so

September Anna's guest: Paweł Nurowski (Warszawa, PL)
6 - 9 Oporto (PT)
XIX Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics
6 - 9 Luxembourg (LUX)
Contributions in Differential Geometry
6 - 11 Levico Terme (IT)
Perspectives on Algebraic Varieties
Wed 8
3 pm
Dan Avritzer (Belo Horizonte, BR)
On Cremona transformations and nonsingular quadratic complexes
THU 23
3.30 pm
Paweł Nurowski (Warszawa, PL)
Irreducible SO(3) x SO(3) geometries in dimension nine
22 - 25 Rome (IT)
Seminal Interactions between Mathematics and Physics
Tue 5, 3.00 pm
aula Buzano
Thomas Schick (Göttingen) Index theory and positive scalar curvature

Paolo Piazza (Roma I) Index theory on stratified spaces
7 - 8 Milano (IT)
Mathematica 4th user group meeting
13 - 15 Berlin (DE)
Intersection theory on the moduli space of curves
17 - 22
Levico Terme (IT)
Progressi Recenti in Geometria Reale e Complessa
Wed 20 Gianni Manno (Milano Bicocca)
Geometria di contatto delle equazioni di Monge-Ampère multidimensionali
21 - 24 Athens (US)
Compact Moduli and Vector Bundles Conference
25 - 29 Luminy (FR)
Geometry of complex manifolds IV
1 - 5 Odense (DK)
3rd Odense Winter School on Geometry and Theoretical Physics
Wed 3
aula 1D
Jaroslaw Buczynski (Grenoble, FR)
Eisenbud's conjecture on secant varieties to Veronese reembeddings
4 - 6
Marburg (DE)
Lie theory and complex geometry
9 - 13 Anna's guest: Andrew Dancer (Oxford, GB)
Wed 10 Andrew Dancer (Oxford, GB)
Einstein metrics
Fri 12, 2.30
Pal Campana
aula C
Andrew Dancer (Oxford, GB)
Ricci solitons
16 - 26 IMPA (Rio de Janeiro, BR)
Workshop 'Geometric Analysis'
Thu 18, 5.45
teatro Colosseo
David Ruelle (IHÉS, FR)
Examples of mathematics at work: the confrontation of determinism and randomness, the confrontation of the human brain and the computer
22 - 26 Leiden (NL)
Analysis, Geometry and Group Representations for Homogeneous Spaces
Wed 24, 2.30
Pal Camp, aula C
Giuseppe Pareschi (Roma 2)
Sizigie di varietà abeliane
26 - 27 Dublin (IE)
Algebraic Geometry Conference 2010
29/11 - 3/12 Berlin (DE)
Instantons and rationality of moduli spaces
Wed 1
Nicola Enrietti (Torino, IT)
Ricci flow, strong KT metrics and tamed symplectic structures
Fri 3, 11.00
Pal Camp, aula 2
Jérôme Brachat (Nice, FR)
An effective representation of the punctual Hilbert scheme
6 - 10 Edinburgh (UK)
Birational geometry
Fri 10, 12.00
Simon G. Chiossi
Varietà Kähleriane con foliazioni olomorfe
13 - 17 Santiago de Compostela (ES)
Conference in geometry and global analysis
Thu 16, 2.30
Pal Camp, aula 2
Alessandro Verra (Roma 3): Sui moduli dei rivestimenti tripli non ramificati di curve di genere 4

Ciro Ciliberto (Roma 2): Curve nodali su K3
A series of seminars
January 2011
January - June Cambridge (UK)
Programme on Moduli Spaces
7 - 8 Rauischholzhausen (DE)
Seminar Sophus Lie
10 - 13 London (UK)
UK-Japan Winter School: New Methods in Geometry
Pal Camp
aula C
11.00   Ingrid Bauer (Bayreuth, DE)
           Deformations of automorphisms and Burniat surfaces

2.30   Simon Salamon (Polito)
          The Six-Sphere and Projective Geometry

3.40   Fabrizio Catanese (Bayreuth, DE)
          A characterization of varieties whose universal cover is a polydisk or a bounded symmetric domain of tube type
15 - 22 Srní (CZ)
The 31st Winter School Geometry and Physics
Wed 19, 4.15
aula Buzano
Diego Matessi (Alessandria)
La "transizione conifold" e la geometria tropicale
Fri 21, 11.30
Pal Camp
aula C
Alexandre Kirilov (Paranà)
Global properties for smooth vector fields on S3
Wed 26, 2.30
aula 7D
Eduardo Esteves (IMPA, BR)
La classe del luogo delle curve iperellittiche stabili di genere 3
Marseille (FR)
Programme on Complex and Riemannian Geometry
extremal week    flow week    Hermitian week
Thu 3, 2.30 Georges Comte (Chambery, FR)
What is real equisingularity ?
Wed 9 Milano (IT)
Workshop on Calabi-Yau Manifolds and Mirror Symmetry
9 - 18 Sergio's guest: Gudlaugur Thorbergsson (Köln, DE)
Pal Camp, aula 2
11-15-16, 2-4
Minicourse by G. Thorberggson:
Buildings and isoparametric submanifolds
14 - 16 MSRI, Berkeley (US)
Workshop on Mathematics Journals
Wed 23, Pal Camp
2.30pm, aula S
Massimiliano Mella (Ferrara): Varieties of Sums of Powers

Armin Iske (Hamburg, DE): Kernel-based scattered data approximation (Lezione Lagrangiana)
Fri 25, 3
aula Buzano
Ng Sui-Chung (Hong Kong)
Holomorphic Isometric Embeddings Among Bounded Symmetric Domains
March - May Anna's guest: Giovanni Bazzoni (Madrid, ES)
Wed 2, 3pm
aula Buzano
Maria Vallarino (Polito)
Spazi di Hardy: il caso euclideo e il caso iperbolico
14 - 18 Moscow (RU)
Instantons in Complex Geometry
Tue 15, 10am
aula Buzano
Tomas Ekholm (Stockholm)
Weak coupling behavior of the perturbed p-Laplacian
Wed 16, 2pm
aula consul.
Roberto Notari (Milano)
Famiglie di raddoppiamento di curve normali razionali: risultati e possibili sviluppi
Fri 1, 3.30 pm
PC, aula 4
Jorge Lauret (Cordoba)
Convergence of homogeneous manifolds and the Ricci flow
3 - 8 Oberwolfach (DE)
Rational Homotopy Theory in Mathematics and Physics
4 - 8 Pisa (IT)
Ricci soliton days
11 - 13 Torino (IT)
Giornate commutative a Torino
20, 2pm
aula seminari
Lidia Stoppino (Insubria)
Stabilità e geografia di fibrazioni in dimensione alta
26 - 30 Erlangen (DE)
Groups and Algebraic Geometry
25 - 30 Anna's guest: Paweł Nurowski (Warszawa, PL)
2 - 6 Nancy (FR)
Journées Complexes Lorraines
Wed 4, 2pm
Cristina Bertone (Unito)
Aperti di Borel dello schema di Hilbert e calcolo esplicito mediante generatori superminimali
12 - 13 Milano (IT)
Geometria in Bicocca 2011
13 London (UK)
King's geometry day
13 - 15 Toronto (CA)
Connections in Geometry and Physics 2011
18 Giovanni Bazzoni (Madrid, ES)
Classificazione di algebre minimali su ogni campo fino a dimensione 6
Mon 23, 2pm
aula seminari
Alessandra Bernardi (Nice, FR)
Varietà delle secanti: dimensioni, ideali e rango di tensori
27 - 29 Rion (GR)
10th Pan-Hellenic Geometry Conference
Wed 1 Luigi Vezzoni (U.Torino)
L'equazione Calabi-Yau per fibrazioni Lagrangiane di Tori su Tori
3 - 11 Lie Centre (Nordfjordeid, NO)
School on Algebra, Topology and Fjords
9 L'Aquila
Giornata INdAM
June Nantes (FR)
Trimester on Contact and Symplectic Topology
13 - 17 Montréal (CA)
Workshop on Moving Frames in Geometry
13 - 17 Levico Terme (IT)
Complex Analysis and Geometry - XX
13 - 16 Figueira da Foz (PT)
Poisson Geometry and Applications
20 - 24 Edinburgh (UK)
Workshop on geometric analysis
21 - 24 Göttingen (DE)
Summer School on Geodesic Flow, Negative Curvature and Isomorphism Conjectures
Wed 22, aula
Francesco Vaccarino (Polito)
On the smoothness of Hilbert schemes of points of non commutative surfaces
Wed 29, 2.30
Pal Camp
aula 4
F. Fathizadeh (York, CA)
The Gauss-Bonnet Theorem for Noncommutative Two Tori
20/06 - 8/07 Grenoble (FR)
Moduli of curves and GW theory
27/6 - 01/7 Castro Urdiales (ES)
New Trends in Symplectic and Contact Geometry
2 - 8 Cetraro (IT)
Mirror Symmetry & Tropical Geometry
3 - 23 Princeton (US)
Graduate Summer School on Moduli Spaces of Riemann Surfaces
4 - 23
Leeds (UK)
Gauge Theory and Complex Geometry
7 - 9 Bucharest (RO)
French-Romanian Workshop on Complex Geometry
11 - 16 Cetraro (IT)
Summer school on pluripotential theory
11 - 15 ESI, Wien (AT)
Cartan Connections, Geometry of Homogeneous Spaces, and Dynamics
15 - 16 Erlangen (DE)
41st Seminar Sophus Lie    (the meeting)
18 - 22 Berlin (DE)
Géométrie Algébrique en Liberté (GAeL XIX)
19 - 21 Sergio's guest: Gabriela Ovando (Freiburg, DE)
Thu 21, 2pm
PC, aula 4
Gabriela Ovando (Freiburg, DE)
Naturally reductive pseudo-Riemannian spaces
21 - 22 Oxford (UK)
Twistors, Geometry and Physics
25 - 30 Münster (DE)
Workshop on curvature and global shape
26 - 29 Jena (DE)
Finite Dimensional Integrable Systems in Geometry and Mathematical Physics 2011
1 - 5 &
8 - 12
Buenos Aires & Cordoba (AR)
First Latin-American school and workshop on algebraic geometry and applications
25 - 28 Cambridge (US)
A Celebration of Algebraic Geometry

SGC would like to thank everybody who took part, sometimes unwittingly, in the seminars.