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 Interests            Riemannian & complex geometry, Lie theory

Special holonomy, Einstein metrics, holomorphic foliations, almost Hermitian geometry, complex surfaces, Kähler manifolds, formality, quaternionic structures, Lie groups and algebras, twistor theory

 Articles                  MR reviews           arXiv

CUM – A.Fino, I.Dotti, S.Chiossi, In memoriam Sergio Console, Rend. Sem. Mat. Univ. Politec. Torino 46(1) (2016), 1-11
SPN – I.Agricola, T.Friedrich, J.Höll, S.Chiossi, Spinorial description of SU(3)- and G2-manifolds, J. Geom. Phys. 98 (2015), 535-555
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CHF – P.-A.Nagy, S.Chiossi, Complex homothetic foliations on Kähler manifolds, Bull. London Math. Soc., 44 (2012), 113-124
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TFS – A.Fino, S.Chiossi, G2 geometry, solvable Lie groups and (super)symmetries, Publ. de la RSME vol.10 (2007) 275-279
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CG2 – A.Fino, S.Chiossi, Conformally parallel G2 structures on a class of solvmanifolds, Math. Z. 252 (4), 825-848 (2006)
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SUG – S.Salamon, S.Chiossi, The intrinsic torsion of SU(3) and G2 structures, Differential Geometry, Valencia 2001, World Sci. Publ., 115-133, (2002)

 Theses                  Genealogy

PhDSpecial Riemannian structures in dimensions 6 and 7, University of Genova (I), 2003
MScGeometry of manifolds with negative curvature, University of Parma (I), 1997


picture Assistant editor of Complex Manifolds, de Gruyter
picture S.G.Chiossi, A.Fino, I.Dotti (Eds), Workshop in memory Sergio Console, Rend. Sem. Mat. Torino 46/1 (2016) (special issue)
picture S.G.Chiossi, A.Fino, E.Musso, F.Podestà, L.Vezzoni (Eds), Special Metrics and Group Actions in Geometry, Springer INdAM Series 23, Springer-Verlag (2017)

 A few invited talks 
V Workshop on differential geometry, Córdoba 2016
IV school and workshop on Lie theory, Campinas 2015
Geometric structures on manifolds, Campinas 2015
Complex geometry and Lie groups, Turin 2014
Geometria in Bicocca, Milan 2012
Geometric structures on manifolds & their applications, Marburg 2012
Workshop on hyperKähler and related geometries, Bonn 2011
Geometric structures on complex manifolds, Moscow 2011
New trends in differential geometry, L'Aquila 2011
Gauge theory and complex geometry, Leeds 2011


Reviewer:     MR     ZM     one highlight
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