Geometry Day

The Geometry Day is a meeting intended to explore cutting-edge aspects of contemporary geometry and offer at the same time a panoramic view on a number of topics, by bringing together scholars with different backgrounds.

It takes place roughly twice a year at the Instituto de Matemática e Estatística, campus do Gragoatá, bloco H (rua professor Marcos Waldemar de Freitas Reis s/n, 24210-201 Niterói/RJ, Brazil).

  GD 1   — 10.XI.2017 (analitification day)
Alessia Mandini (PUC-Rio): Hyperpolygon spaces and parabolic Higgs bundles
Gonçalo Oliveira (IMPA): From vortices to instantons
Ethan Cotterill (UFF): Real inflection points of real hyperelliptic curves

  GD 0   — 24.XI.2016 (vertex day)
Reimundo Heluani (IMPA): Chiral deRham and moonshine phenomena
Letterio Gatto (Politecnico di Torino): From Schubert Calculus to vertex operators
Lázaro Rodríguez (Unicamp): Superconformal algebras vs exceptional holonomy manifolds

Advisory board: Alex Massarenti, Asun Jiménez, Cristhabel Vásquez, Daniele Sepe, Zhou Detang, Maria Amélia Salazar, Matias del Hoyo, Sérgio Almaraz, Simon Chiossi; Andrew Clarke, Mike Deutsch, Misha Verbitsky.

With the support of: Pós-Graduação em Matemática

Enquiries: ask Simon

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