Current main interests:
- mathematical logic
- descriptive set theory
- real analysis and measure theory
- automaton theory
- wqo and bqo theory
- modal logic, proof theory, and their interactions with other areas of mathematics



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· (with G. Basso) Arcs, hypercubes, and graphs as quotients of projective Fraïssé limits, to appear in Mathematica Slovaca.

· (with J. Duparc) Some remarks on Baire's grand theorem, to appear in Archive for Mathematical Logic.

· (with A. Marcone and L. Motto Ros) On isometry and isometric embeddability between ultrametric Polish spaces, preprint.

· (with A. Andretta and C. Costantini) Lebesgue density and exceptional points, preprint.

· (with R. Carroy and A. Marcone) Linear orders: when embeddability and epimorphism agree, preprint.

· (with A. Andretta) Analytic sets of reals and the density function in the Cantor space, preprint.

· Continuous reducibility: functions versus relations, preprint.

· (with G. Pistone and F. Rapallo) Modal operators and toric ideals, preprint.


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