Activities of the network

International Conference
"Linking mathematical and biological models in cancer research"
(Magdeburg, September 24th-27th, 2003)

Other activities related to biomathematics

Workshop (Bedlewo, 2003) Workshop Differential Equations in Biology and Medicine
Bedlewo, Poland, September 29 - October 03, 2003
Conference (Dundee) International Conference on Mathematical Biology 2003
Annual Meeting of The Society of Mathematical Biology (SMB) 
University of Dundee, August 6-9, 2003
Workshop (Torino) Modelling and Computers in Cancer Therapy
Politecnico di Torino
Torino, Italy, March 3-4, 2003
Workshop (Warsaw) Mathematical Modelling in Cancer Research: From Genes to Tumor Growth
Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Warsaw University
Poland, December 12-13, 2002.
Biomathematics School Biomathematics Euro Summer School 
Dynamical Systems in Physiology and Medicine 
Urbino, Italy, July 8-19, 2002
ESMTB conference 5th ESMTB Conference of the ESMTB on Mathematical Modeling & Computing in Biology and Medicine
Milano, Italy, July 2-6, 2002
Workshop (Bedlewo) Cancer Growth and Progression
Mathematical Problems and Computer Simulations
Bedlewo, Poland, June 17-21, 2002
ESMTB School Biology and Mathematics of Cells: 
Physiology, Kinetics and Evolution 
Sigüenza, Spain, June 11-22, 2001
24th Meeting of the ESGCP European Study Group for Cell Proliferation 
Leipzig, Germany, June 14-17, 2001
Modelling Complex Systems Workshop Modelling Complex Systems 
Some Topics in Mathematical Description of Biological and Social Processes 
Warsaw, Poland, May 15th, 2001