Sala Duomo

Le attività si terranno dal pomeriggio di lunedì 17 Giugno alla sera di giovedì 20 Giugno presso la Sala Conferenze "Duomo" dell'Hotel ''I Castelli'' ( Torino 14, Alba - mappa).
La gita sociale è in programma nel pomeriggio di mercoledì 19 e prevede un giro turistico nelle Langhe.
La cena sociale avrà luogo mercoledì 19 presso l'Osteria dell'Arco (Piazza Savona 5, Alba - mappa) e sarà offerta a chi ha segnalato la propria partecipazione entro il 30 aprile.


Nils Byrial Andersen Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and Paley-Wiener spaces abstract slides
Nicola Arcozzi
About onto-interpolating sequences for the Dirichlet space abstract slides
Davide Barbieri
Bracket maps in noncommutative settings abstract
Michele Berra
Gabor Frame Decompositions of Evolution Operators and Applications abstract slides
Elena Cordero Gabor Representations of evolution operators abstract slides
Michael Cowling Decay of matrix coefficients of unitary representations of semisimple groups abstract slides
Francesco Di Plinio Endpoint behavior of linear and multilinear operators with modulation symmetry abstract slides
Veronique Fischer Pseudo-differential operators on Lie groups abstract
Luigi Fontana
The critical cases of Sobolev imbeddings in R^n abstract
Enrico Laeng A refinement of the Boole-Stein-Weiss theorem on the Hilbert transform abstract
Alessio Martini Sharp multiplier theorems on 2-step stratified groups abstract
Giancarlo Mauceri Generalized BMO spaces on Riemannian manifolds abstract slides
Alessandro Ottazzi Isometries on subRiemannian manifolds abstract slides
Marco Peloso On the equivalence of the regularity of the Szego projection and of the complex Green operator abstract
Vittoria Pierfelice The incompressible Navier-Stokes equation on hyperbolic spaces abstract
Fulvio Ricci Paley-Wiener theorems for the U_n-spherical transform on the Heisenberg group abstract slides
Emanuela Sasso Dimensional free L^p estimates for Riesz transforms associated with polynomial expansions abstract slides
Peter Sjögren Operators related to the Jacobi setting, for all admissible parameter values abstract slides
Filippo Tolli Induced representations and harmonic analysis on finite groups abstract
Stefano Vigogna Coorbit spaces with voice in a Fréchet space abstract slides
Patrik Wahlberg The equality of the homogeneous and the Gabor wave front set abstract
Davide Zucco Asymptotics of the first Laplace eigenvalue with Dirichlet regions of prescribed length abstract