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TITOSIM: Time to Market Reduction via Statistical Information Management


TITOSIM is a Growth European project (Proposal Number: GRD1 - 2000 - 25724) started the 1st February 2001 which lasts 3 years.


This project extends to the whole Product Development Process (PDP), namely concept, design and production, a successful approach to accelerating simulations developed on the FP4 project BE96-3046 (CE2) . The new functionality will cover computer and physical experiments, the capturing of subjective belief, robust design, sensitivity analysis and multi-objective optimisation. By validating and integrating statistical experiments over a wide range of product development the project will incorporate and develop much of the applications of statistical quality improvement, reduce time to market, focus on customer requirements and integrate in the supplier.
The objectives of the project are :

  1. To implement a software platform that integrates and develops statistical methodologies in product development. The structure will allow the use of commercial software as interconnected modules, via a database.
  2. To support the user in the definition of product objectives through the analysis of the Voice of the Customer (VOC).
  3. To develop a software prototype (extension of the FP4 project ce2) able to deal with simulators coming from both design and production.
  4. To measure and guard against variability of input factors at the production stage by optimisation at the design stage.
  5. To extend to physical experiments and integrate physical and computer experiments.





  • England: University of WARWICK
  • France: CNRS, SNECMA
  • Germany: EASi
  • Greece: INTRASOFT
  • Italy: BLUE, CRF (Centro Ricerche FIAT), POLITECNICO
  • Israel: IAI-TAMAM Division , KPA