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Computer experiments for concurrent engineering

Brite/EuRam project BE963046

Partners: CRF (FIAT), SNECMA, Politecnico di Torino, CNRS, IntraSoft

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Record Control Number : 34528 Quality Validation Date : 05-Aug-1997

Update Date : 15-Sep-1997

Title : Computer Experiments for Concurrent Engineering

 Subject Index Code : Aerospace Technology; Industrial Manufacture; Materials Technology

 General Information : The introduction of Concurrent Enginnering has led not only to reduced time to market but also to an integrated approach to product and process development- This last aspect has a strong potential for achieving more performant design solutions through an optimization process that takes into account all product relevant aspects. However. presently, this possibility is not fully exploited owing to lhe lack of tools that allow to tackle, at lhe same time, mutiple design aspects leading to globally optimal solutions. The main objective of this project is the development of a general purpose tool and methodology that allow to achieve multiobjective optimization through the use of numerical simulation codes. The key idea of the project is to design, implement and test a system which replaces two or more simulation codes (simulators) by FAST EMULATORS (mathematical functions) which mimic behaviour of the simulators but run hundreds or thousands of times faster, and to adjoin to these a suitably designed MULTI-OBJECTIVE OPTIMISER. The emulators will be based on a methodology based on the Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments which has already proved highly successful in the electronic field and preliminary studies show that this can be ported to olher domains. The main components are -Design and Analysis of computer experiments for fitting the emulators to the simulators - Multi-objective optimiser using the latest algorithms, including global optimisation - Graphics and analysis module for interface with the designer - Connectors to cope with diverse input/output and data structures for different simulators It is expected that design lead times in a multiobjective environment will be reduced by up to 20%. The project will be tested both during design and validation on real case studies which are typical of the kind of complex design areas where the sohware will be used and are also relevant from the point of view of safety and enviroronmental impact. The Consortium comprises the research centre of FIAT (CRF), an aeronautic company (SNECMA), a software company (INTRASOFT) and research/academic partners (City University, CNRS and Politecnico). They have already had close collaboration precisely in the relevant area of computer and industrial experiments, optimisation and computer aided design.

Start Date : 01-Nov-1996

End Date : 31-Oct-1999

Duration : 36 months

Project Status : Execution

 Programme Type : 4th FWP (Fourth Framework Programme)

Programme Acronym : BRITE/EURAM 3

Subprogramme Area : TECHNOLOGIES FOR MEANS OF TRANSPORT - Transports

Project Reference : BRPR960282
Prime Contractor
Organisation : Centro Ricerche Fiat SCpA
Organisation Type : Industry
Department : Direzione Sistemi Elettronici
Address : 50 Strada Torino
Postcode : 10043
City : Torino - Orbassano
Region: Torino
Country : ITALY
Contact Person : Name: FONTANA, Roberto
Tel: +39-11-9023111
Fax: +39-11-902367
Other Contractors
Organisation Name : University of Warwick
Organisation Type : Education 
Contact Person : WYNN, Henry Philip
Department : Department of Statistics 
Address : Gibbet Hill Road
City : Coventry
Post Code : CV4 7AL
Telephone : +44-71-4778200
Fax : +44-71-4778572
Organisation Name : Politecnico di Torino
Organisation Type : Education 
Contact Person : PISTONE, Giovanni
Department : Dipartimento di Matematica 
Address : 24 Corso Duca degli Abruzzi
City : Torino
Region : Torino
Org. Country : ITALY
Post Code : 10129
Telephone : +39-11-5647550
Fax : +39-11-5647599
Organisation Name : Intrasoft SA
Organisation Type : Industry 
Contact Person : ZENZEFILIS, George
Department : Industrial Sector - Businesss Unit 
Address : 2 Adrianou Street
City : Athens
Region : ATTIKI
Org. Country : GREECE
Post Code : 11525
Telephone : +30-1-6408196
Fax : +30-1-6925259
Organisation Name : Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Organisation Type : Non Commercial 
Contact Person : PRONZATO, Luc
Department : URA 1376 - Laboratoire Informatique, Signaux et Systèmes de Sophia Antipolis 
Address : 250 Rue Albert Einstein
City : Valbonne
Region : Alpes-Maritimes
Org. Country : FRANCE
Post Code : 06560
Telephone : +33-92942708
Fax : +33-92942896
Organisation Name : SNECMA : Société Nationale d'Etudes et de Construction de Moteurs d'Aviation
Organisation Type : Industry 
Contact Person : LANDSHEERE, Eric
Department : RIEA 
Address : Centre de Montereau
City : Moissy-Cramayel
Region : Seine-et-Marne
Org. Country : FRANCE
Post Code : 77550
e-mail : eric.landsheere@snecma.fr
Telephone : +33-1- / +33-6-
Fax : +33-1-

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